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Has It Been Almost A Year????!!!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in almost a year!!!!  I’ve had many changes over the past year,  and we’ve been doing some major renovations in our 100 year old house.  Things are almost done and I’m hoping to get back into posting projects. My projects are pretty much going to be for me and gifts for family and friends. I’m no longer doing craft shows and haven’t done a class in almost 2 years.  Just don’t have the time to prep any more!   I hope to post more than once a year too!

This pumpkin banner is for my cubicle at my new job.  My cubical is huge so I have lots of decorating to do.  It’s just made with ovals and some leaf dies.  I just noticed I have to fix the middle pumpkin, it’s a little crooked!

Oh, love the Longaberger pumpkins too!



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