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Shadow Box Club

Ok, so last night I had a class and showed everyone in person the Valentine Shadow Box I made. It really looks so much better in person I have to tell you.  Of course, they want me to do a class on it, but it’s way too close to Valentine’s day to do.

But I did have an idea……. to do a Club for this!!  This is how it will work:

The club will meet once every 3 months.  On that night, you will make 3 panels to go in a 6 X 8 shadow box. If you can’t come to the class or are one of my Long Distance customers, not to worry, I will mail the projects to you!

The three panels we will be doing will be the next 3 months in the quarter. For instance. In February, we will do a panel for March, April & May.  In May, we will do June, July & Aug. In August, we will do Sept, Oct & Nov. In December, we will do Dec, Jan & Feb.

This way, you will be done for the year and give it as a Christmas gift! Better yet, sign up for two clubs, keep one for you, give one away!

You will supply your own 6 X 8 shadowbox.  The projects will fit in any 6 & 8.  I will supply the rest!


Cost per quarterly class will be $10.00 for one 3 panels. Long Distance customers will be $11.50.

Contact me if you are interested in signing up!


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Long Distance Club Project

This will be one of the Club Projects for my Long Distance Club Members for the month of November. You choose which paper you want.  Lovely As A Tree has been around for about 10 years now. You think I would be sick of it, but NO!!  It’s the most versatile set we have I think.

Not a Long Distance Club Member???  Check out my Clubs page for more info!

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