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Halloween Banner

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long!  We went to Disney and I came home with an awful head cold.  I was so sick, I even cancelled a class! I still don’t fell 100% but at least I can stamp again!

I bought the Build a Banner Kit and the Halloween Accessories kit with all intensions of making the banner using only the accessories.  But that didn’t happen. I had to add my little touches!  It was really tough to get a good picture of this because it was so big.  All my local gals will get to see it in person.

I think the Build a Banner kit is awesome! It comes with reusable stencils so you can create as many banners as you like.  I’ll be working on a Christmas banner as well as a Baby Shower banner.  I use the banners to decorate my craft show displays.

If you buy the kits, I do recommend watching the Stampin’ Up video on it and other videos you can find.  It would have saved me SO much time if I did that first!!!

Enjoy – and I promise more projects will be coming faster!

P1050733 P1050735 P1050736


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Halloween Banner

I decided to pull out a banner I made last year.  I use this to decorate my craft show tables and get so many comments on it.  It actually takes a long time to make, the vampire is the most work!

Check out my upcoming classes to see when we are going to make it and sign up soon!


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Convention is just 2 weeks away!!!  I’m participating in 4 swaps.  A 3 x 3 Love Notes card, a Halloween card, a Halloween treat holder and a Christmas bag swap.  I have everything but the bag done.

Here are my 2 swaps for the Halloween projects.  I spent 6 hours in my stamp room today and came up with these.  The card was fast, it’s a design I did last year so that was no big deal.  The treat holder evolved from 5 other ones that I just did not like.  As I said before, it takes me a long time to design something before I get to the final project.

The paper on these projects and the stamp on the card are from the upcoming Holiday catalog.  I already got my pre-order!  Great stuff this year, as usual!!


The treat holder is a Matchbook Treat holder.  There’s a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup inside.  I hope the candy doesn’t melt in the heat of Salt Lake City!

Halloween Treat HolderTreat Holder side view


Love this card.  The smiling pumpkin makes me laugh every time I look at it 🙂

Halloween Card

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Farmer’s Market Tomorrow!

I’m doing my one and only Billerica Farmer’s Market tomorrow afternoon on the common in Billerica Center tomorrow.  It goes from 3:00 – 7:00 (although I think they start packing up at 6:30 this late in the season).  Stop by if you can!

I did a lot of the markets last year, but this is my only one this year.  I had school on Monday nights this summer and was not able to do them. I’ll be there more next year though, school is almost done!

These cute little lollipop holders were the idea of one of my downline members, Karen.  She does some great work and I had to thank her for letting me CASE her!  I’ll be selling these tomorrow at the market.

I just made a box to fit the pop and decorated it. Easy and cute! These boxes for the Blow Pops measure 2 x 8 (you’ll get 5 out of one 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock!). Score at 1 1/2  –  3 3/4  – 5 1/4 – 7 3/4.  Use a hole punch for the top.  Different lollipops are different sizes so this might not work for a Tootsie pop.  The pop must sit on the bottom of the box in order for it to stand up. Decorate it as you like, not just for Halloween. These would make a great birthday party favor. Kids love them!

I think I should put the bow down a little more to cover the wrapper.  I’m just too lazy to go and take another picture!


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Halloween Treat Bags

My new light box came today!  It’s HUGE!!!!!!  Bigger than my home made one!  But I’m so happy with how the pictures came out.

Now you can really see my mistakes! I actually just noticed that the box with the Witches feet is damaged, but I didn’t take a single picture of it.  I’ll have to give that one to my daughter, she won’t notice 🙂

These are little Halloween Treat bags.  They are actually the 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 boxes (here’s a tutorial). The easiest style is the one with the small binder clip on it.  You can actually reuse that one. The other ones are stapled shut.

What do you think of my new light box??



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Halloween Candy Dish

I’ve made these candy dishes before, but never for Halloween!  It’s very simple, but very cute!  This is a smaller one than the Christmas one I made last year.  I used a 8 1/4 x 8 1/4 inch piece instead of a 12 x 12 piece. It’s cheaper to make the smaller ones, less candy to put in it too!

Also, I ordered a new light box. I just don’t like the way my pictures have been coming out lately.  They should look better in the future.

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This is the card we will be making with Halloween picture on Friday, October 6th.  It’s retired paper, but I don’t much like the Halloween paper in the mini this year.

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I finally completed the Halloween Banner Tutorial.  The cost is $2.00

I will email you the PDF when I receive payment via Paypal. My Paypal email address is michelle@surette.biz. PLEASE REQUEST HALLOWEEN BANNER.

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Halloween Shadow Box

I know I haven’t posted for a while.  This week was my travel week and I also had a paper due for school. Now I’m done school until Sept 6th so no work there, but we are also heading to Disney on Wed!!!  I’ll try to have some stuff in the “post queue”.

This is a shadow box for Halloween I did today.  I used the new Googly Ghouls set from the mini  I actually used every stamp in the set for this one (plus another tree stamp I had laying around).  I just love Halloween!



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Halloween Banner

Had an Open Stamp class last night. Started working on a Halloween Banner. Of course, what the girls saw last night is totally different of what the final product is!!!  This was made with 4 x 4 coasters.  My daughter wants to hang it up already!

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